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We specialize in providing high-quality aluminum profiles, meshes, and accessories to fly screen manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a specific component or a complete set of materials for your fly screen production, we have everything you need to create durable and reliable fly screens for your customers. 

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We've innovative Fly Screen solutions that not only effective, durable, and stylish but also able to answer variety of demands and streamline your manufacturing.

Insect Screen Solutions

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Pleated Fly Screen

The Pleated Fly Screen is a retractable insect screen that folds neatly when not in use. It operates on a horizontal sliding system and can be pulled from either side to cover the opening. The mesh used in the screen is made of durable materials that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep insects out effectively.  

Slim Pleated Fly Screen

This innovative fly screen design features a slim 18 mm frame and uses a 14 mm pleated mesh which make it an ideal choice for windows and doors where a minimalistic look is desired.
Now with an inside mount option the screen sits on the window frame, so it doesn't take up any space on the outside of your windows, making it perfect for use with window shutters. Plus, with no need for screw holes, this option won't damage the windows during installation. It is easy to install and remove for cleaning, and its sleek design makes it a popular choice among our customers.
Visit our Slim Pleated Fly Screen page for more details on this product and its components.

Practical Fly Screen

The Practical Fly Screen is a versatile and affordable option for those looking to keep insects out of their homes. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to handle and install, and the springed corners and clips allow it to fit windows of varying thicknesses. This model can be mounted both from inside and outside, and can even be used with window shutters. While it may not be suitable for larger dimensions, it's a practical and effective solution for most windows. Check out our Practical Fly Screen page to learn more about its components and specifications. 

17x25 Hinged Insect Screen Opens Inward

Hinged Fly Screen

The Hinged Fly Screen is typically made up of a frame with a mesh screen that is hinged to the frame and swings open and closed. It features a durable aluminum frame and is available with a pet mesh option to prevent damage from pets. The Hinged Fly Screen opens inward, making it a great option for households with pets as they cannot push the screen out to escape.

Sliding Fly Screen

Our Sliding Fly Screen model is ideal for large openings like French doors, patio doors, or sliding doors. Its frame slides smoothly on a rail using rollers (not wheels) and is designed to be used in a series, like telescopic system. It's unique design allows you to use more than one frame on a two-track rail back-to-back, this model can be used for openings up to 6 meters in width.

Roller Fly Screen

Its retractable design allows it to be discreetly rolled up into a cassette when not in use, while its sturdy construction and high-quality mesh provide excellent protection against insects. Our Roller Fly Screen components, such as the cassette with rolled mesh, aluminum profiles, and accessories, are designed to be easy production process. Check out our Roller Fly Screen page for more details.

Mesh Options

Fiberlass Mosquito Net
Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass mesh is a popular choice for fly screens due to its durability and resistance to weather and UV rays. 
Read more..

Pet Insect Screen, PVC Coated Polyester Mesh
Pet Mesh

It's a special solution for pet owners. PET Mesh is coated with PVC to resist scratches and tears. Read more..

Pleated Mosquito Net
Pleated Mesh

Pleated Meshes are made of polyester fibers and a special coating. It makes the mesh resistant to external weather conditions and prevents color fading caused by sunlight.
Read more..

Pleated anti-Pollen Screen

Pollen / Pet Pleated Mesh

We also offer a specialized pleated mesh that is designed to prevent pollen from entering indoors. This mesh has a higher density compared to the standard pleated mesh, making it an ideal option for individuals who suffer from allergies. It has a weight of 90 grams per square meter. Since it is more durable and stronger like the pet mesh, the special pleated mesh is also resistant to scratches and tears caused by pets' paws and claws. It is a good choice for pet owners who want to keep their pets safe while using a fly screen that has sleek design. 

Are you ready to take a step to response environmental challenges?

As you know, with increased temperatures due to climate change, the number of flies and insects is increasing rapidly. This is causing damage to the environment via the increased use of pesticides and the killing of beneficial insects that maintain the ecological balance. Moreover, keeping windows closed for long hours has become inevitable, which is not only unhealthy but also makes the environment stuffy. This leads to a situation where the use of air conditioners has to be increased to provide cool fresh air. Results: higher energy consumption and bills, harm to the environment, and reduced comfort in our lives.

We're sure, you know how to solve these!
If you think you should be an important part of the solution, now is the perfect time to take action.

"As a fly screen producer, I've been working with this company for years and I couldn't be happier with the quality of their products and the level of customer service they provide. Their range of materials and components is second to none, and I know I can always rely on them to deliver on time and on budget. I highly recommend this company to anyone in the fly screen industry."

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"I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency of my first import order with this company. Not only did they provide high-quality materials for our fly screens, but they also delivered the order much faster than I expected. Their excellent customer service and expertise made the importing process smooth and stress-free. I will definitely continue to work with them for my future orders."

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We offer competitive pricing and excellent support to ensure that you have the best possible experience with this area of business.

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